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Emerging Wealth

Clients in their early stages of wealth accumulation benefit from our emerging wealth management solutions where they can systematically turn their income and savings into future wealth.

Wealth Management

We leverage our decades of experience in the investment and financial services industry to advise our clients and guide them on the journey to holistic and long-term wealth planning.

Institutional Investments

We work with endowments, foundations and corporate retirement plans to develop and implement specific asset management strategies that seek to meet their long-term investment goals.


Families and Institutions


Years in Business


Account Access


Independent Fee Only Advisory

Our Core Values

Our financial and investment experts team is well-versed in the wealth management niche. We are dedicated to offering professional advisory services to help you reach your wealth accumulation and planning goals. Our services range from advisory, legacy and estate planning, education, and tax planning, to risk mitigation.


We view every security we purchase as if we are buying a piece of a business — not simply a stock certificate. We invest side-by-side with our clients through our three-pronged investment process maintaining a top-down macro view to assess risk and a bottom-up, income-focused, value-driven approach.


We tell our clients the truth even if it endangers our relationship or impairs our firm’s income. We invest side by side with our investors and treat our clients’ assets as if it were our own maintaining a fiduciary culture based upon integrity, candor and trust. We avoid conflicts of interest working on a fee only basis and do not sell commission products.


Our private clients maintain a separate account in which you own all securities directly. With direct ownership, you have complete transparency and may view all of your positions. As we invest directly in securities researched in-house, we save our clients the additional fees and expenses of mutual funds or ETFs. Simply put, we work at the pleasure of our clients. As your account grows, we grow.


We are compassionate and appreciate the difficulties life’s vagaries thrust upon families endeavoring to understand the values, dreams and financial pursuits of our clients.


When we make mistakes, we will admit it, and take ownership and responsibility for them. We continually question where our investment thesis may be wrong and don’t take undue risk through hubris. We remain humble in our passionate pursuit of sound risk adjusted returns and research every investment with the diligence that an owner would–because we are owners, investing together, side-by-side with our clients.

Our Solutions

The Altrius Wealth Management Continuum

Guided by your unique goals, we will customize our wealth management strategies to ensure the best results possible. Our in-depth and data-driven analysis of your finances allows us to dive deep into your personal needs and offer solutions that align with your hopes and dreams.

Retirement Planning

Understanding Realistic Distributions
Asset/Income Projections
Analyzing Impact of Earlier or Later Retirement
Retirement Benefits Analysis: Pensions, IRAs/401k’s/SEP IRAs
Pursuing Hobbies, Interests and Travel
Purchasing a Retirement Home
Re-locating to a New Location

Financial Planning

College Planning
Starting a Business
Real Estate Investments
Purchasing a Second Home, Boat, Aircraft or New Car
Debt Management: Evaluating Mortgage Options, Assessing Lease vs. Purchase, Debt Consolidation Loans
Protection Planning: Disability, Illness or Death, Adequate Health and Nursing Care, Business Continuation, Asset Protection

Tax Planning

Meetings with Your Accountant
Tax Loss Harvesting
Tax Efficient Investing
Portfolio Optimization
Business Owner Tax Strategies
Projecting Impact of Re-location to a New State/Country
Retirement Distribution Optimization
Charitable Giving Strategies

Estate Planning

Meetings with Your Attorney
Legacy Planning and Family Wealth Transfer
Reviewing Wills and Trusts
Health Care Directives
Power of Attorney
Business Continuation Planning
Special Needs Planning

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