Invest Like an Aardvark

At Altrius, we endeavor to participate in rising markets, perform in sideways markets and provide income during declining markets. Our investment process is predicated on a time-tested, three-pronged approach providing solid risk-adjusted returns since our founding in 1997.


Macro View

We scour vast territories, beginning with an analysis of global macro conditions while keeping our ears attuned to the risks of a global economy. We believe that global revenue generation is a key component to growth and this top-down approach enables us to unearth compelling investment opportunities.


Income By Design

While other advisors undependably chase big game, we focus on reliable sustenance, instead digging deep for value and investing in companies that that have shown a record of steady and growing dividends.


Micro Focus

Contrarian in nature, we are unafraid to hunt alone and often view crisis as an opportunity. We believe in patience and diligent fundamental research and that over time, the price of a company will rise to reflect the value of the underlying firm. We view each purchase as if we were buying a piece of a business, not simply a stock certificate.